Love Is Everywhere

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I am lovable with Phil Luzi

I_am_lovable_with_Phil_Luzib6r1w.jpg Tracy discusses relationships and self love with Phil Luzi and use a mantra we could all use every day.

Five deep breaths with Rebecca Reeds

Rebecca_Reeds_and_Tracy9csjn.jpg Listen as Tracy talks with comedian Rebecca Reeds about a good dance, lion taming, coffee breaths and how you can't have guests while you're cleaning house. Also, while you're at it, check out Rebecca's album today!

Pretend you’re a plant with Tamara Shevon

Tamara_Shevon_and_Tracyablti.jpg Tracy sends Tamara Shevon on a side quest to find a magical spring and discover that deep down we all have the same needs as plants.

Mindful walking with Luba Magnus


Luba Magnus and Tracy talk about the relaxing power of mindful walking (though counting steps for fast walkers can be pretty intense). Plus how mindfulness has helped them before performances but also how mindfulness isn't always the best thing on the subway. 

Luba and Tracy also touch on the power of performance and Luba's show and web videos Drawn Up and her new variety show All You Need which is raising money for  Second Harvest Food Rescue.

Wait five seconds with Collin Sideris


Collin_Sideris_and_Tracy5zwz7.jpg A lovely conversation between Tracy and Collin Sideris about being mindful and considerate in your conversations with Tracy's master plan coming to fruition in the final moments of the episode.


Mindful eating with Rachelle Lauzon

Rachelle_Lauzon_and_Tracy9g8v7.jpg Tracy catches up with Rachelle Lauzon to talk about mindful eating.

Saying No with Shirley Whalen

Shirley_Whalen_and_Tracy_Hamilton8vnpr.jpg Tracy and Shirley Whalen get into the power of no and how it can help heal yourself and reconnect after an extended absence. It's the conversation the two of them needed to be had and it's a delight to hear the love.

Anxiety and Overwhelm with Alan Shane Lewis

Alan_Shane_Lewis_and_Tracybwcuu.jpg Tracy chats with comedian Alan Shane Lewis about the sea of emotions that come with anxiety and overwhelm. While they're at it they tackle lobster, dinner or yucky sea bug, a battle to the death with a fly and expose embarassing things they did as kids.

Feeling Seen with Isabel Zaw-Tun

Isabel_Zaw-Tun_and_Tracybkb39.jpg Tracy chats with Isabel Zaw-Tun and they talk about the power of connection with friends. In the process, they come to see themselves and one another. It's a passionate and powerful episode that's a must-listen.

Mountain Meditation with Carol Zoccoli

Carol_Zoccoli_and_Tracy_picture8u9hw.jpg Tracy sits with comedian Carol Zoccoli to talk about pain, depression and the caring community that helps lift people out of it not to mention one of the most kick-butt songs to walk down the isle to.

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