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Admiring Brendan D’Souza

Admiring_Brendan_D_Souza9yvol.jpg Tracy and Brendan catch up and share a moment or two about admiration in others and what we can take from those relationships.

You Are Doing Enough with Josh Gondelman


Tracy and writer, comedian and podcaster Josh Gondelman talk about how important it is to remind yourself that you are doing enough. They also discuss the perfect chair (no stealing until they get it patented).

Being Human with Tall Poppy (Joss MacNeil)

Being_Human_with_Tall_Poppy_Joss_MacNeil_9rmv... Tracy sits with our first musical guest Tall Poppy (Joss MacNeil). The two of them share a delightful conversation with their experiences with ADHD, self talk and being human. How gratitude and being kind to yourself can turn a day around.

Congratulations with Lucy Gervais

Congratulations_with_Lucy_Gervais7r1v5.jpg Tracy chats with comedian Lucy Gervais about the power of recognizing one's own achievements. They also discuss Jackson Galaxy's obsession with vertical space and the origins of the Tickle Trunk.

Be nice to your mom with Neema Nazeri


A delightful touching conversation between Neema Nazeri and Tracy about connections and how important that connection is with our moms. Also, there's nothing more motivational than an aggressive water bottle.

Future You with Sam Burns


Through aggressive technical glitches Tracy and Sam Burns were still able to have an amazing and fun conversation about being aggressively ID'd for a lighter, how letting go and getting distance from bits can help as a person and in comedy and how once you hit your fifties it's party time! So think about the future you.

If you enjoyed this episode check out Sam Burns' album Bing Bing!

I am lovable with Phil Luzi

I_am_lovable_with_Phil_Luzib6r1w.jpg Tracy discusses relationships and self love with Phil Luzi and use a mantra we could all use every day.

Five deep breaths with Rebecca Reeds

Rebecca_Reeds_and_Tracy9csjn.jpg Listen as Tracy talks with comedian Rebecca Reeds about a good dance, lion taming, coffee breaths and how you can't have guests while you're cleaning house. Also, while you're at it, check out Rebecca's album today!

Pretend you’re a plant with Tamara Shevon

Tamara_Shevon_and_Tracyablti.jpg Tracy sends Tamara Shevon on a side quest to find a magical spring and discover that deep down we all have the same needs as plants.

Mindful walking with Luba Magnus


Luba Magnus and Tracy talk about the relaxing power of mindful walking (though counting steps for fast walkers can be pretty intense). Plus how mindfulness has helped them before performances but also how mindfulness isn't always the best thing on the subway. 

Luba and Tracy also touch on the power of performance and Luba's show and web videos Drawn Up and her new variety show All You Need which is raising money for  Second Harvest Food Rescue.

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