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Reconnecting with Chris Sandiford

Chris_Sandiford_and_Tracy.jpg  The first of our remote episodes, Tracy chats with Chris Sandiford from their respective homes. They discuss the joys of connecting with long distant friends and break the lid off realities of high school student government corruption.

Pretend you’re an alien with Cathryn Naiker


Tracy is joined by comedian, podcaster and basketball fan Cathryn Naiker in our last conversation before the city shut down. It was a terrific conversation and is great advice to help us process these wild times we are going through. Enjoy the episode and stay safe.

Appreciating relationships with Elisabeth Bailey


Tracy is joined by Elisabeth Bailey where they discuss the power and value of appreciating your relationships.

Dating Yourself with Anasimone George

Anasimone_G_and_Tracy.jpg  Tracy sits with the incomparable comedian and producer of SHADE Anasimone George to talk about the joy of getting your hair done, finding a trainer who's a nice human being and taking yourself out on a date.


Doing what you love with Greg Houston

 Greg_Houston_and_Tracy.jpg Some hard truths in this episode with Greg Houston. Onions are horrible, mustard makes poutine and even peanut butter hotdogs all this and more on doing what you love with Greg Houston.

Slowing down with Brandon Ash-Mohammed

 Brandon_Ash_Mohammed_and_Tracy.jpg Tracy sits with Brandon Ash-Mohammed (host of The Ethnic Rainbow) to talk about splitting one's pants, malfunctioning microphones and slowing down. Sit in on this great conversation between two funny people discussing the importance of taking one's time.

Keeping promises to yourself with Allie Pearse

Allie_P_and_Tracy.jpg Tracy sits with the funny Allie Pearse this week discussing the importance of keeping your promises to you in a laughter-filled conversation. They touch on work, empowerment and not letting the impact of bombing staggering you.

What’s in the way with Mike Carrozza

 Mike_C_and_Tracy.jpg Tracy sits with the fun and funny Mike Carrozza to talk about accomplishing goals and what can get in your way.

Self talk with Dan Rosen

 Dan_R_and_Tracy.jpg Tracy sits with the multi-talented Dan Rosen to talk about self talk and how profoundly how  we talk to ourselves impacts us.


Back to reality with Tamara Appleton

Tamara_and_Tracy.jpg  Tracy chats with the hilarious Tamara Appleton about regrounding one's self in the moment and how Ross from Friends is a very very bad person.
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