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F*** off Carol! With Jennifer McAuliffe

 Jennifer_McAuliffe_and_Tracy_9sjjy.png Tracy talks self talk with Jen McAuliffe. They discuss dention, falling asleep in class and taking no crap from Carol.

“The Artist’s Way” with John Mostyn

 John_Mostyn_and_Tracy_6p8lq.png Tracy and John Mostyn reunite over zoom to discuss how Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way has changed their lives (and John's delicious vegan pies).

Love Yo’Self! With Melanie Dahling.

MelanieDahlingandTracy9z3wg.png  Tracy and Melanie Dahling get one another's day off to a great start with a candid conversation about finding one's self in one's work and the world around them.

Two goals a day with Christophe Davidson


Tracy sits with Christophe Davidson to talk about goals, drive and the peculiarities of crossing traffic around the world.

Today was valuable with Rachel McLatchie


The delightful Rachel McLatchie joins Tracy to talk The Sims, doggie cuddles and how today was a valuable day. Relish in the joys of some hot goss from Kingston and the rise and fall of Desperate Housewives.

Looking forward with James O’Hara


Tracy and James O'Hara talk about the joy nuggets of chores in these wild and new times. Also, holy cow, Tracy made ice cream! Now that's life skills!

Today was beautiful with Cara Connors

Cara.jpg  Tracy and Cara Connors chat about finding beauty in the day while touching on the books at their bedside, a good hug and Arthurstrology. The future of personality profiling. I'm totally an Arthur with a DJ Rising.

Making my day with Aidan O’Loughlin

Aidan_O_Loughlin_and_Tracy.jpg  Tracy chats with Aidan O'Loughlin about making people's days a little bit brighter and how that can light up your own life. 

Reconnecting with Chris Sandiford

Chris_Sandiford_and_Tracy.jpg  The first of our remote episodes, Tracy chats with Chris Sandiford from their respective homes. They discuss the joys of connecting with long distant friends and break the lid off realities of high school student government corruption.

Pretend you’re an alien with Cathryn Naiker


Tracy is joined by comedian, podcaster and basketball fan Cathryn Naiker in our last conversation before the city shut down. It was a terrific conversation and is great advice to help us process these wild times we are going through. Enjoy the episode and stay safe.

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