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Anxiety and Overwhelm with Alan Shane Lewis

Alan_Shane_Lewis_and_Tracybwcuu.jpg Tracy chats with comedian Alan Shane Lewis about the sea of emotions that come with anxiety and overwhelm. While they're at it they tackle lobster, dinner or yucky sea bug, a battle to the death with a fly and expose embarassing things they did as kids.

Feeling Seen with Isabel Zaw-Tun

Isabel_Zaw-Tun_and_Tracybkb39.jpg Tracy chats with Isabel Zaw-Tun and they talk about the power of connection with friends. In the process, they come to see themselves and one another. It's a passionate and powerful episode that's a must-listen.

Mountain Meditation with Carol Zoccoli

Carol_Zoccoli_and_Tracy_picture8u9hw.jpg Tracy sits with comedian Carol Zoccoli to talk about pain, depression and the caring community that helps lift people out of it not to mention one of the most kick-butt songs to walk down the isle to.

Self esteem with Al Val

tracy_al_val_weeping9157f.jpg Tracy and Al Val get together and talk about finding your own value. They grapple with self-image and Brenda and Clam's big entrances. Stay tuned to this episode of Fightin' Tears.

Habit Tracking with Korri Birch

Korri Birch and Tracy Tracy connects with her childhood improviser Korri Birch, they talk about planning apps, weddings and doughnut economic theory.

Body Beautiful with Meg MacKay

Tracy_Meg_MacKay_729ay.jpg Tracy has guest Meg MacKay on the show. Together they discuss grief, the power of loving yourself and how you love others.

Forgiveness Meditation with Daniel Shaw


We return and Tracy chats with Daniel Shaw about finding forgiveness (and Evie decides they want to be the star of the show).

Dance it out with Juliana Rodrigues

Juliana_Rodrigues_and_Tracy_a4ba9.jpg Tracy sits with the hilarious Juliana Rodrigues to discuss the healing power of cutting a rug and how anxiety can manifest at any moment.

F*** off Carol! With Jennifer McAuliffe

 Jennifer_McAuliffe_and_Tracy_9sjjy.png Tracy talks self talk with Jen McAuliffe. They discuss dention, falling asleep in class and taking no crap from Carol.

“The Artist’s Way” with John Mostyn

 John_Mostyn_and_Tracy_6p8lq.png Tracy and John Mostyn reunite over zoom to discuss how Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way has changed their lives (and John's delicious vegan pies).

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